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Companion Songs is an experimental folk-rock project by guitarist Marco Mlynek with Max Andrzejewski on drums. An ongoing collection of stripped back instrumentals and songs, with simple melodies and repetition at their heart. Honest music, infused with energetic outbursts, light-footedly moving between stubborn singalongs and states of deep rest. 

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Released 12 May '23 on Akkerbouw Records

Artwork by Markus Färber

Recording, Mix, Master by Daniel Freitag


"A true highlight for fans of post-rock, art rock, and noise rock." (TAZ)

"This duo impressively demonstrates how to blend woody-folk campfire moments, unrestrained sonic experiments, and instrumental analog loops into a cohesive whole. Highly recommended." (Schnüss Magazin, Record of the Month)

"From tranquil instrumentals to imaginative pop lyrics to rhythmic adventure playground visits, everything is included. This fully exploits the versatility of Companion Songs in the best way possible." (SUBWAY Blog)

"Their approach to folk-rock remains progressive on their debut album 'Paper Parachute.' They don't shy away from melody but enjoy adorning it with angular rhythms and surprising tempo changes." (Visions Online)

"Captivating songs ranging from math rock, improvisation, and electro-pop." (Drums and Percussion)



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Released April 30, 2021
Guitar, piano, bass, synth and vocals by Marco Mlynek
Drums and percussion by Max Andrzejewski
Mixed & Mastered by Daniel Freitag
Cover Artwork by Lasse Pook



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