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Short Circus is a studio project that came together in a series of sessions from 2020 to 2023. On common ground as songwriters, Frank Schönhofer, Marco Mlynek and Jan Philipp came up with seven songs. Richly layered with a clear core, carried steadily by guitar, bass and drums. With hooks that stick and catchy riffs, surrounded by floating instrumental parts and lots of attention to detail. The beginning often was: one day, one song. All DIY, starting out from a sketch, building together, recording directly, eating good food from the place around the corner and then see where you end up. It might have taken a few more days after all but running with first ideas sure was a good creative motor.

Released 05/04/24 


Frank Schönhofer - Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Marco Mlynek - Guitar, Vocals, Keys
Jan Philipp - Drums, Percussion


Mixed by Jan Philipp
Mastered by Alexander Kloos
Artwork by Short Circus




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